Refractory Box Burners: Everything You Need to Know

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– What are Refractory Box Air Curtain Burners?

– How do Box Burners Work? 

– What makes Box Burners Easy to Use?

Box Burners are mobile,  high-production incineration machines. They are large, dumpster-like boxes that are equipped with an engine and air curtain and lined with refractory material.  Commonly, people ask if they should be using a trench burner (also known as a pit burner), or if they should be using an above-ground box burner. This article will give you the background information that helps you understand the ins and outs of an above ground refractory box burner: what it is an what makes it unique. To answer that question in a comparative way, you can check our page: Trench vs Box Burners: Which Should I Choose?

It’s important to remember that for all air curtain burners – both trench burners and box burners – the science of the air curtain is the same, whether it operates above the ground or in it. Box burners, of course, operate above the ground, which means that you do not have to build a trench, or pit, to use it. 

In short, box burners circulate air through the box and create an extremely hot and efficient burn. Not only is the efficient and inexpensive nature of burning on-site appealing to contractors, but also the clean nature of the burn and the protection of air quality is why more localities around the country are beginning to require burners. 

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Box Burners are extremely simple operate and are very mobile. Due to their size, it normally takes a bit of work to move them from site to site, but once on site they are very simple to move around. Boxes are very commonly around 50,000 lbs (more or less depending on the model) and often require a crane (or something else with a very large lifting capacity) to load them onto a low-boy for transport off-site. 

Box Burners do not require you to dig a pit, which makes for an easy set-up. Their open-floor design makes it easy to clean the ash out. 

Box Burners can be used almost anywhere as long as government regulations allow.  They are the perfect solution to a waste stream problem and especially perfect for permanent or long-term burn sites. 



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