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After seeing how well Air Curtain Destructors work, many contractors are interested in getting one of their own. Here at BurnDebris.com, our goal is to help you be successful, and so we have created various options to make getting an Air Curtain Burner of your own a reality. Obviously, we rent Air Curtain Incinerators out (You can check the details here), but here’s how you can get an Air Curtain Burner of your own:

Buy A Used Air Curtain Burner

Option A: Rent-To-Own

Are you so impressed with the machine you rented that you would like to have it as your very own? We believe that, since you’ve put in some hard work and hard cash working with one of our machines, it would be only fair to apply some of that investment to your purchase. If you buy a Air Curtain Destructor from us after renting one of our machines, we will apply 70% of your rental fee to the purchasing price of your new machine.

Option B: Financing

As another small business, BurnDebris.com understands that sometimes you just need a little bit of time to finance a big purchase, so we can offer financing options and break the price of your new Air Curtain Burner down into bite-sized monthly payments.

Buy A New Air Curtain Destructor

BurnDebris.com has also become a dealer for McPherson and Air Burners. Find out more about these new brands on our webpage here (for McPherson) and here (for AirBurners).


BurnDebris.com is a proud dealer for AirBurners.

AirBurners is a truly remarkable company that has set the standard in their industry. No other company has the same kind of history as Air Burners. Here are a few things that set them apart as an Air Curtain Destructor Manufacturer:

23 Years of History

AirBurners has been producing their state of the art fireboxes for 23 years and have demonstrated the fact that practice really does make perfect.

EPA and Forestry Partnerships

There have only been fourty companies to parter with the EPA, and AirBurners is one of them. AirBurners has a CRADA Agreement with both the EPA and the Forestry Service. 

International Acclaim

AirBurners has a fantastic resume. Here are just a few of the other organizations that they have worked with:

The US Armed Forces

The US Department of Justice

US Department of Energy

US National Parks

Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA

AirBurners machines are used all over the world and are found on every continent (besides Antarctica)


First, AirBurners’ Air Curtain Destructors are welded, making them extremely durable. So durable, in fact, that they are mobile and able to be moved around the work site as needed. Secondly, the thermal ceramic panels on AirBurners’ Burn Boxes outlast the competition’s, lasting ten or more years. These refractory panels are so important because they keep the heat inside the box, allowing it to burn clean. 


While AirBurners’ fantastic quality means that their machines last, it’s still good to have a warranty AirBurners does provide a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 2-3 year engine warranty.