FarmUsing Air Curtain Burners and Air Curtain Destructors for Solar and Wind Farm Debris Management

In This Article:

  1. Solar Farm and Wind Farm Demand
  2. Air Curtain Destructor Efficiency and Safety
  3. Air Curtain Burners and CO2 emissions

Land Clearing for Solar and Wind Fields


With the dramatic shifts in climate and the increase in extreme weather, more people are turning to green energy. It doesn’t hurt that the government is offering valuable incentives for the switch. Many green energy developers are scrambling to acquire, clear, and develop these farms and switch to green energy. But what can be done with the debris? 


Solar Farm and Wind Farm Debris Management


Solar and Wind farms usually require hundreds of acres of land. Air Curtain Burners and Air Curtain Destructors provide an environmentally friendly and safe way to efficiently manage the resulting debris. The powerful air curtain reduces (and almost eliminates) CO2 emissions and sparks from the fire- an important factor for air quality, permitting, and fire prevention. The debris volume will be reduced by between 95-98% and the resulting ash can even be repurposed as a soil amendment or for other uses


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Air Curtain Destructors & Air Quality:


Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association published a great article detailing scientific studies on air curtain destroyers as it relates to CO2 emissions.

“Combustion of vegetative debris in ACD (Air Curtain Destructor) units results in significantly lower emissions of particulate matter and CO per unit of mass of debris compared with open pile burning. ” (You can read more here.)

Waste Advantage Magazine posted an article all about Air Curtain incinerators and included this intriguing fact about CO2 emissions.

“Contrary to the CO2 emitted from sources that require hydrocarbon fuel, such as grinders, trucks or airplanes, air curtain burners only release biogenic CO2, which is the same amount of CO2 that the wood while alive as a tree took in from the surrounding air releasing oxygen through photosynthesis. This CO2 is called biogenic CO2. The CO2 from burning hydrocarbons would never turn into a greenhouse gas, if it were left deep down in the Earth where it has been confined for millions of years.”

(You can read the full article here.)