Using Air Burners To Clean Up Ice Storm Debris

After ice storms, branches can break off and entire trees can split. Hazardous limbs and mangled trees need to be removed. The left over debris needs to be cleaned up. How does an air curtain burner provide a practical and cost effective solution for the clean up?

Air Curtain Destructors and Large Scale Vegetative Debris Management

After ice storms, air curtain burners can be brought in for the clean-up work. Vegetative debris from fallen or broken trees, which often snap beneath the heavy loads of ice and snow, can all be collected and burned in a cost effective and safe way to provide a practical debris solution.

Air Curtain Burners can be set up quickly and can be moved to other areas when needed. This means that the removal of the debris can begin right away. Secondly, while methods such as grinding leave a large by-product. One resource reports that air curtain incineration can reduce debris volume up to 95 percent. The by-product is ash, which can be covered over or repurposed (See our article on How Ash Can Be Repurposed). Yes, air curtain burners are a fantastic solution for the massive question: what can we do with all of this debris?

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Due to harmful toxins and chemicals, burning construction debris and chemically treated wood, plastic, or rubber is often illegal due to its harmful effects on people and the environment.