The refractory pit provides a safe, above-ground combustion chamber. Specially designed refractory panels prevent excess heat from escaping. Refractory pits are ideal for use in areas with high water tables and sandy soil conditions or where opacity must be kept to a minimum. The upper chamber’s refractory panels act as a heat sink, allowing more retention time in the burner to more effectively control opacity and any sparks. The expanded metal top screen (optional) controls sparks or floating debris from leaving the burner.



  • 97% volume reduction
  • Burns 3-15 tons per hour (depending on the unit size)
  • Easily loaded with forklifts, dump bins, or front-end loaders.


From three-phase electric to diesel units, McPherson Systems offers multiple options to meet your above ground burning needs. Please call or email us to receive a personalized quote for one of these units.

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