The Difference Between Using An Air Curtain Burner And Conducting An Open Air Burn

In This Article:

  1. The effects of an open air burn
  2. The advantages of using an air curtain burner
  3. How an air curtain burner affects your ability to obtain a burn permit

Open Air Burns vs Air Curtain Burning

In order to know how an air curtain destructor is useful, it is first important to know what an air curtain burner is. An air curtain burner is a machine that circulates and feeds air and oxygen into the fire as it blows into the burn pit. The smoke and sparks are trapped beneath the curtain unless it is temporarily broken by debris being dropped into it. Once the debris has fallen completely under the curtain, the curtain once again becomes a complete sheet of air.

On the other hand, an open air burn is a fire that is exposed and is not contained to a pit. This allows for greater quantities of CO2, smoke, and uncontrolled sparks to be released, leading to hazardous situations such as forest fires, poor air quality, and difficulty breathing to those in a close vicinity. As a result it is typically easier to obtain a permit for a burn when it is contained by an air Curtain Burner because the risks are not as severe. Additionally, an Open Burn releases a lot of heat instead of containing the fire, creating a slower burn process.

The overall difference between the two is that an Air Curtain Burner burns debris at a faster rate and in a safer way than when open burning, meaning a safer and more efficient project and an easier to obtain burn permit. While an open burn may be allowed and even good for a small amount of yard clippings at home (check with your locality in regards to laws affecting yard burns at home before burning any fires on your property), a large scale burn is all-around better, safer, and more efficient when conducted with an air curtain burner.