How To Get A KY Burn Permit

Air Curtain Burner / Destructor Burn Permits in Kentucky


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How Do I Get A Burn Permit in Kentucky?


Kentucky as a state does not require burn permits. However, some Kentucky counties will require a permit. To find out if this is the case in your county and how to proceed, you can contact your local county clerk office or judicial center. It is also recommended to contact your local fire department. Additionally, burns should be submitted in the state portal for regulation.  

In Kentucky, it is important to be aware of Air Quality regulations when you are planning to burn. Violating state air quality regulations could result in a fine of up to $25,000 per day. Click here to find a link to Kentucky’s state air quality regulations

In line with this, to burn in Kentucky there are a few seasonal rules to consider. 


Fire Hazard Season Restrictions

From Oct. 1 – Dec. 15 and Feb. 15 – Apr. 30: 

Burning within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland area is allowed only in the evening hours between 6 pm and 6 am. It is illegal to burn anything within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland between the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Ozone Season Restrictions

From May 1 through September 30, open burning in Boone, Boyd, Bullitt, Campbell, Jefferson, Kenton, Lawrence (partial), and Oldham counties is restricted to protect air quality. 

Open burning is restricted year-round in Jefferson County, not just during ozone season


The use of an air curtain or box burner may allow an entity to burn material that would be impermissible otherwise.  It would require a permit application and a determination from the Permit Review Branch. If a permit is required, construction and operation is prohibited until a permit is issued.  In the case of a permitted source, the hazard and ozone season prohibitions would not apply.


Please check out Kentucky’s “Learn Before You Burn” pamphlet, found here, which discusses some of the legal aspects and necessary precautions associated with burning.