Using Air Curtain Burners For Grading And Land Clearing

In This Article:

  1. The importance of grading in construction
  2. Debris left after land clearing and grading
  3. Air Curtain Burners for debris management 
  4. Cost comparisons

Air Curtain Destructors are a fantastic alternative to other methods of debris management for home builders, general contractors, graders, commercial builders, and so on. Once a plot is cleared, something must be done with the many trees and vegetation that have been cut down. Many times, managing the large amounts of debris and clearing it away can be difficult and costly. 

Air Curtain Burners are not limited to rural use, but can be set up in areas where people are living and building (as long as there is sufficient clearance) because they are safe, produce little smoke, and aren’t excessively loud. Because the fire is managed within a pit and regulated by the curtain of air, there is little chance of accidental emergencies. Even in the case that one could occur, their set up makes it very easy to extinguish the fire. (For more information, check this article on How Air Curtain Burners Function)

Air curtain burners are quick and easy to set up. The byproduct that air curtain incinerators leave behind (ash) is very small- a meager 5% or less of the original volume- and can be simply covered over, spread out on the property, or repurposed. Air curtain destructors also provide a low cost solution. Consider the following example:

Imagine that after the land is cleared, you are left with 400 cubic yards of tree tops and branches. The average cost to haul these away is $10 per cubic yard, which means an average 40 yard truck will cost approximately $400 to haul away. Ten loads would cost approximately $4000.

For those same 400 cubic yards of debris, which can normally be burned in one day, there are about 10-20 cubic yards of ash left over, depending on how well you burn the material. You can spread that ash out on your land or repurpose the ash, which of course costs nothing, or haul it away, which would cost only a few hundred dollars. The daily cost of a burners, based on our monthly rate is approximately $200 a day. These are significant savings!

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Photo courtesy of the Federal Forest Service


Any contractor knows that once the paperwork and permitting is done, the first fundamental step of any construction project is land clearing and grading. Preparing the plot is critical because, without a properly graded property, the foundation will not be adequately level. Further, grading affects water drainage and improper grading could create flooding, pooling, or cause the water to flow towards your home or commercial building instead of away from it.