Repurpose Ash, The Useful Byproduct Of An Air Curtain Burner

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  1. How much ash is left over after using my air curtain burner?
  2. How can you repurpose ash?
  3. Cement from wood ash
  4. Road Reinforcement

After efficiently burning your debris with an air curtain burner, you will be left with ash. Some people will bring their ash to a local dump. That requires finding one within a reasonable distance that doesn’t have a high dump fee, which would eat into your pocket. So how much ash will be left over after you use an air curtain destructor and what is a better use for it?

How much ash is left after burning?

After using an air curtain incinerator to burn your debris, the amount of ash left over is normally equivalent to 2-5% of your original debris volume and can oftentimes be covered over or spread out on the property. However, there are actually other practical uses for ash that could be of real benefit to you.

What can you use ash for?

One option is that ash can be used for the reinforcement of unpaved, low volume forest roads. (Click Here for more details.)  This is a process that is currently being used in Europe to utilize the overflow of ash being produced. Their goal is to prevent this nutrient rich material from being landfilled and to use it in an effective way.

For a large scale example of using ash to reinforce roads, read this article “WOOD ASH UTILISATION AS A STABILISER IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION”.

Another effective and beneficial way to utilize wood ash is to add it to cement. The addition of ash has been found to be a promising method of increasing the strength and thermal insulation of cement blocks. (Click Here for more detailed information) The reason why wood ash can be so useful for cement work is that it contains important elements, like calcium, potassium, and lime substitutes.

For more detailed information about the useful elements in and applications of wood ash, check out this article from University of Georgia.

Wood ash has many other usages, but these are just a few that take a product that is being thrown away and turn it into a usable asset.