Turn Key Burn Projects: Hire us to burn for you

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You have just found the 4 lowest cost debris disposal solutions.

  1. Hire us to burn debris for you!
  2. Rent one of our machines!
  3. Buy one of our machines!
  4. Consulting – Hire us to evaluate and create your plan and make you more successful!

We can turn-key your project and burn your debris for you or you can choose to rent or buy one of our machines and burn your debris yourself.

These are the cheapest ways to dispose of wood, trees, pallets or animal waste. Here are the detailed options.

  • Turn-Key Solutions

We can manage the total disposal of your waste. We Supply: 

– The equipment 

– The personnel 

– The fuel

Burning is cheaper than grinding or hauling AND leaves you with less volume to manage after. With hauling, you are moving and processing 100% of your debris volume. With grinding, you still have to find a solution for the 40% debris volume that is left over in the form of chips. But with burning, you are left with around just 3% of the original volume! That small amount of ash can be reused or simply spread out on site.

  • Consultation

Debris management consulting is available to you. Get a 50% discount on your first 3 hours.  The standard rate of $300 per hour is discounted to $150 per hour for small projects or short term technical advice. If the process takes more than 3 hours you can decide if you want to use more advanced consulting services.

  • Rental Solutions

You can rent our machines and do it yourself.

  • We offer the lowest priced rental options in the country: as low as $131.74 per day with additional discounts for year long contracts
  • You can rent-to-own the machine.
  • You can transfer to a direct purchase anytime with 24 hour financing approvals.

Click here to learn more about renting.

  • Buy A Burner.  

We sell new and used air curtain burners, destructors, and incinerators, and wood waste powered generation systems that can power an average of 400 homes.

  • We offer no money down 100% financing on all new and used units. 
  • Some of our manufacturers will custom build a machine for unique projects.

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For any additional questions about how to operate an air curtain burner or to learn about rental or purchase options,  call us at 678-793-8546