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Air Curtain Burner / Destructor Burn Permits in Louisiana 


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When deciding if you will burn in any city or state, it is always important to confirm any and all laws, rules, and regulations with the local authorities. Sometimes, in a particular locality (city, parish, etc) , laws can differ from the general state regulations. Below are general guidelines and rules, as well as contact information that will help you find the right people to speak to.

How Do I Get A Burn Permit in Louisiana?

Louisiana does not commonly allow open burning. There are exceptions to this, which are itemized in the Open Burning Workshop Presentation, which can be found here. Burning construction materials, appliances, chemicals, tires, household waste, and the like are not allowed.

Louisiana does allow burning with the use of an Air Curtain Burner, AKA Air Curtain Destructor. Regulatory Permits and Instructions can be found on Louisiana’s DEQ page here. The ACB Burn permit application and instructions can be found on this page under the heading “Portable Air Curtain Incinerators”.  


Please note that this regulatory permit does not apply to an air curtain incinerator that: 

  1. has a manufacturer’s rated capacity greater than 10 tons per hour; 
  2. is operated at a commercial/industrial or institutional facility; 
  3. combusts construction/demolition (C&D) debris as defined in LAC 33:VII.115; 
  4. incinerates waste, including yard waste, collected from the general public; collected from residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial sources; or otherwise generated at a location other than the operational site; or 
  5. remains at a single operational site (not to include storage locations) for more than 90 consecutive days.


To find the appropriate contact at the State Fire Marshall’s office, you can check here


Burn Bans in Louisiana?

To find out if there is a burn ban in your parish, you can check the map here.