Trench Burners: Everything You Need to Know

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– What are Trench Air Curtain Burners?

– How do Trench Burners Work? 

– What makes Trench Burners Easy to Use?

Trench Burners are easily towable, high-production incineration machines. They turn a simple pit in the ground into a furnace. Commonly, people ask if they should be using a trench burner (also known as a pit burner), or if they should be using an above-ground box burner. This article will give you the background information that helps you understand the ins and outs of a trench burner: what it is an what makes it unique. To answer that question in a comparative way, you can check our page: Trench vs Box Burners: Which Should I Choose?

Right from the beginning, it’s good to know that all air curtain burners – both trench burners and box burners – operate basically the same way. The only true difference between an above-ground box burner and a trench burner is that a pit burner turns a pit in the ground into a furnace, and a box burner turns a dumpster-like refractory lined box into one. The science of the air curtain is the same, whether it operates above the ground or in it. 

In short, trench burners circulate air through the pit and create an extremely hot and efficient burn with an average of 97% reduction in debris volume, 95% reduction in smoke, spark, and emissions. The efficient and inexpensive nature of burning on-site is what draws most contractors to burning with a trench burner, and the clean nature of the burn and the protection of air quality is why more localities around the country are beginning to require them. 

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Trench Burners are extremely simple to transport and use. For heavy-duty machines, they are extremely light weight (on average, they weigh around 8000 lbs) and can be towed behind a pick up truck. 

Trench Burners require you to dig a pit (or if you have limited ability to dig, you can build a berm upwards) to create a space to burn. The pit should be just short of the length of the manifold. 

Trench Burners can be used almost anywhere as long as government regulations allow. Some of our clients have even burned successfully and efficiently on islands or in places like Miami, where there is an extremely high water table. 


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